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[Do you have questions?]

  • Timezone?

    All posts and announcements are published in the CET timezone.

  • When does the Mint start?

    The pre-sale will start for the 223 selected members on (Will be announced soon)

    The public sale starts on (Will be announced soon)

  • How do I get a pre-sale / whitelist spot?

    The available spots are awarded through various challenges and giveaways.
    For more details on how to get a place on the whitelist, visit our Discord server.

  • How can I mint an NFT?

    1. To do this, connect your wallet to our mint page

    (Will be announced soon)

    2. Once your wallet is connected, you can choose how many NFTs you want to mint. Then you can mint them by clicking the "mint" button.

    3. Once you have minted your CreaturesOnCov19 (CC's), check your Metamask wallet for your transaction details. On OpenSea you will find a placeholder image. Your unique Creature will be revealed soon.

  • What will the mint price be?

    The price to mint a creaturesoncov19 will be 0.20 ETH at the pre-sale and 0.30 ETH at the public-sale.

  • What is the maximum number of NFTs I can mint?

    For pre-sale between 1 - 3

    For public-sale a maximum of 5 per wallet

  • Which Blockchain and what is the contract-address?

    The NFTS will be ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

    (The contract address will made public shortly before pre-sale)

  • Will there be different rarities?

    Yes, the CreaturesOnCov19 have different traits with a different frequency.

  • What are the benefits for the holder?

    In addition to attending exclusive events, CC19 NFT holders will have the opportunity to participate in a free Mint.

    More ideas we would like to share with the community to make common decisions.